Pre & Post Care


Preparing For Your Spray Tan

Please contact Jeni for more Pre & Post Care tips!

1.For best results, any hair removal treatments such as waxing or shaving should be performed at least the day before your scheduled appointment.

2.Exfoliate the day before your appointment in order to restore the skins natural oils. Exfoliation prepares the skin by removing the dead skin cells which will ensure that your spray tan provides a better over all glow and an even fade afterward.

3.Remove any/all perfumes, deodorants, oils, lotions and creams before your appointment as they may create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution.

4. Visit your nail salon for a pedicure the day BEFORE your spray tan appointment. Manicure is okay after you tan.

What To Wear

1.This varies based on your comfort level. If you choose to wear a bathing suit, under garments or nothing at all keep in mind what desired tan lines or lack of tan lines you would prefer.

2.All men are required to wear boxer briefs or shorts during their spray tan session.

3.After the application of your spray tan, dark loose fitting clothing is the best choice to prevent an unwanted tan lines. (i.e. loose t-shirt, baggy sweat pants or sundress). Flip flops are best to wear for shoes because wearing socks with other shoes would cause the tan to rub off.

4.AVOID WATER after your tan appointment until your first shower 8-10 hours later.

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Maintaining Your Tan

1.To extend the life of your spray tan, apply AVIVA Tan Extending lotion twice or more daily.

2.Avoid long hot showers, baths, extended time in chlorinated pools or using any product designed to exfoliate the skin and pat dry with a towel…DO NOT rub! Also if you must shave, due so in a downward direction.

Upon booking your appointment, I will go over additional tips and tricks that will help you to prepare and maximize the life of your tan.

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